Monday, March 30, 2015

April 11th Work Party

Hi Gardeners.

Reserve the date.  There will be a work party to prepare the vacated plots for new gardeners.  The work party will be on April 11th from 1:00 to 3:00.  Plan to be there if you can make it.  A flyer for the party is posted on the toolshed.

The water has been turned on.  The water is traditionally turned on around April 1st, after the threat of a hard frost has passed.

I was over to test the temperature of the beds today.  The temperature of the raised bed is 60.  This is warm enough to sprout all but the most heat loving seeds.  Raised bed 2A (next to the fence) has been reserved for Produce for People.  If raised bed 1A is not assigned by early May, we can use it for an additional P4P plot. 

The temperature of the ground level P4P bed is 55.  Not quite warm enough to sprout many seeds, but certainly warm enough to take starts.  I started some lettuce seeds for P4P, and will put the starts out on the table next week.  I'm hardening off the starts this week, so they'll be ready to plant next week.

See you in the garden,